“Every day when I pick up my son from Valley Village Montessori he is happy and excited to share his day with me. We found this gem of a school when it was brand new and have been continuously impressed with the warm, loving teachers, the bright classroom and how well the school is run. The teachers love their students and bring out the very best in them. The warmth and encouragement is evident every time we drop off and pick up our child. I love the Montessori philosophy (I was a Montessori child, too) and have seen VVM encourage my son's natural curiosity and joy in learning. The teachers here are intentional with their words and actions and treat the children with grace and courtesy. Our son feels heard, he feels important and his confidence is high. As one of the older kids in class, he has had the opportunity to be a leader and assist other children. We're benefiting at home, too, as our son has become more independent, considerate and helpful. VVM is a special place to our family and if we could, we'd stay here through the high school years!"   
- A. Hoffman

     “During her first year at Montessori, my daughter’s confidence and independence grew by leaps and bounds.  Despite just turning three, she thrived in her classroom with three, four, five, and six year olds.  Miss Ashley's warmth and love were instrumental to her growth and, most importantly, to her happiness.”
-L. Weiss

     "Ashley Tinnes is the type of teacher and mentor parents go to great lengths to discover. She has a wonderful rapport with families, children, and colleagues. She has a great ability to connect with her students and her talent for teaching simple and advanced concepts, made learning fun. She is extraordinarily warm and caring, while remaining professional and clearly passionate about the Montessori philosophy. She has a wonderful natural presence, is approachable, articulate, and fair. 
     Ashley certainly knows the key to an enriching Montessori program. This school year, we have both of our children running out the door to school. We have Ashley to thank for making it successful for our family and so many families in our town.” 
- E. & C. Sullivan

     "My son flourished, both scholastically and socially, under Ashley's thoughtful instruction and gentle guidance.  From learning the continents and how to count, to making snack and making new friends, she helped to make his first school experience a very positive one.  Observing the way that Ashley interacts with her students and how much my son as well has his classmates truly adored being in her presence, it is apparent how much Ashley enjoys enriching the lives of young children."
-B. Jeppe


     “Our son had the privilege of spending his school days with Miss Ashley. Under her care, he flourished as a Montessori student.  It was remarkable to see his growth academically, socially and emotionally.  Miss Ashley was able to identify his strengths and use them as building blocks for growth in other areas.  Her classroom environment was incredibly stimulating yet peaceful, comforting and truly full of love.  Each and every interaction she has with a child is gentle, thoughtful and communicates to the child how important they are to her.  We truly could not have picked a more wonderful person for our child to spend his days with.”
-E. & A. Koehlhoeffer

      “Our daughter started at Valley Village Montessori when she was 3 years old. We were so lucky to have found such a gem! The Director and lead teacher, Ashley Tinnes, is wonderful. She is passionately involved and genuinely cares for each child. All the teachers are dedicated, personable and most importantly, happy to be there! When I was touring preschools, communication between the school and parents was always at the top of my list. VVM nails it! Communication was excellent and we especially loved our parent/teacher conferences.

     My husband and I were pleasantly surprised with the Montessori style of learning, which was new to both of us. VVM seems to find a great balance between following the Montessori method and philosophies while also allowing the "kids to be kids" and have fun! We truly could not have been happier and they will always have a special place in our hearts!"                                                                                                                                                                                                       -S. Pozza